Broad Ripple Farmers Market Vendors

Open every Saturday

May – September: 8 am – noon
October – November: 9 am – noon

While most vendors are with us every Saturday, a few are part time and occasionally a regular vendor has to miss a week.

Wondering about a vendor’s name or looking for vendors who offer particular products? Just search for vendors by category clicking on one of the options in the category listing.

We Love Our Vendors!

Vendor NameCategoryWhen
Amazing Potato Chip Company, ThePrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Amelia's BakeryBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Anna Belle's GardenFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
ARPOPets, Plants & Flowers/Not for Profit2nd and 4th Saturdays
Artisano's Oils and SpicesPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Ash BlaedsFood Related1st Saturdays
Azalia Farm MarketFruits and VegetablesEvery Saturday
Batch No. 2Prepared Foods1st and 3rd Saturdays
Bettini PastaPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Broad Ripple Chip CompanyPrepared Foods1st Saturdays except May (May 20)
Bloomer's GreenhousePets, Plants & Flowers/Fruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
BrotgartenBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Byrne's PizzaReady to EatMay 20 and then all Saturdays beginning June
Cafe BabyPrepared Foods1st and 3rd Saturdays
Caprini Creamery Farmstead Goat CheeseDairy & CheeseEvery Saturday
Circle City Sweets/SoupsBreads & Baked Goods/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Compean & SonFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Daily Blossom, ThePets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Dickinson's Custom FurnitureFood RelatedEvery Saturday
Earthly DelightsFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Farm to ProductReady to EatEvery Saturday
Fields Farm FreshFruits & Vegetables/Pets, Plants & Flowers/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Freedom Valley FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday starting May 27
Full Hand FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Funny Bone FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday starting in June
Guacamole and MorePrepared FoodEvery Saturday
Harvest Moon Flower FarmPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Hidden Pond Farm LLCPrepared Foods2nd & 4th Saturdays
Hole PotteryFood RelatedEvery Saturday
Home EcPrepared Foods2nd & 4th Saturdays
Hubbard & Cravens Coffee & TeaReady to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Indiana Craft JerkyPrepared Foods1st and 3rd Saturdays
Jacquie's Gourmet CateringPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
JP Parker FlowersPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
La Chinita PoblanaReady to EatEvery Saturday
Lee's OrchardFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Les Parisiens PatisseriesBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Lick Ice CreamReady to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Ludwig Farmstead CreameryDairy & CheeseEvery Saturday
Maplewood Farms, LCCPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Me and Dippy McGeePrepared Foods2nd and 4th Saturdays
My Dad's Sweet CornFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday starting late June
Native BreadBreads & Baked Goods2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays
Natural Born JuicersPrepared Foods/Ready to EatEvery Saturday
Nicey TreatReady to EatEvery Saturday
Norman Mullet FarmFruits & Vegetables6-7NEvery Saturday
NuJac GardenFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
NuJac GardenMeat, Fish, Poultry, & Eggs2nd and 4th Saturdays
Pat's Philly PretzelsBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Pete's Peaches & Ann's AsparagusFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Phelps Family FarmMeat, Fish, Poultry, & EggsEvery Saturday
Pots & PansBreads & Baked Goods, Pets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Revival Food Co.Prepared Foods1st and 3rd Saturdays
Red Frazier BisonMeat, Fish, Poultry, & Eggs 2nd Saturdays
Rene's Bakery Inc.Breads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb & PorkMeat, Fish, Poultry, & EggsEvery Saturday
Schacht FarmMeat, Fish, Poultry, & EggsEvery Saturday
Shamrock FarmMushroomsEvery Saturday starting late June
Simple TasteBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
Simpson's Farm MarketMeat, Fish, Poultry & EggsEvery Saturday
Skillington Farms, Inc.Ready to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Taste Café & MarketplaceReady to Eat/Prepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Three Dog BakeryPets, Plants & FlowersEvery Saturday
Trailhead NaturalsPrepared Foods2nd and 4th Saturdays
Tulip Tree CreameryDairy & CheeseEvery Saturday
Valentine Hill FarmBreads & Baked GoodsEvery Saturday
The Walking Waffle CompanyReady to Eat FoodEvery Saturday
Weathered Plow Farm & GreenhousesFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Wild Alaska Salmon & SeafoodMeat, Fish, Poultry, & Eggs3rd Saturdays
Wild's Apple FarmFruits & VegetablesEvery Saturday
Wildflower Ridge Honey, LLCPrepared FoodsEvery Saturday
Xchocol'Art Gourmet ChocolatePrepared FoodsAll Saturdays in May
Young Urban HomesteadersPrepared Foods4th Saturdays

Open every Saturday

May through September
8 am - noon

October through November
9 am – Noon

Located in the parking lot behind Broad Ripple High School.