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It’s Thanksgiving, and what better way to thank Mother Earth for all her bounty than to compost your food and yard waste. Green With Indy makes it easy!

We all generate organic waste while preparing meals, cleaning up our gardens, and mowing our lawns.  And we know that composting is the best use of this waste, but many of us don’t have the time or space to manage a successful composting process at home. Now there is an alternative!

Green with Indy will pick up your compostable waste weekly and deliver it to a commercial composting site! Once composted, that waste is delivered to gardens around our city, including school and community gardens.

Starter kits include a covered 5-gallon bin, a roll of compostable bag liners, and first month’s service. They are available for $50 and make a great Christmas gift for yourself and for your equally environmentally conscious friends. Ongoing weekly service costs less than $5/week.

Interested in having your yard waste picked up too?? Call or email for pricing on service that uses a 64-gallon bin. 

Green with Indy, LLC