The apples varieties just keep coming, including Honeycrisps! We also saw fennel, celery, blackberries, chiles de arbol (bird’s beak), Chinese cabbage, Swiss cheese, pepper bouquets, and s’more ice cream and pies.

Shamrock Farm will be bringing crimini mushrooms to the Market this Saturday. Tulip Tree Creamery will have “Fonsdue”, a combination of two of their cheeses with mustard, spices and beer, plus a top secret ingredient to bring it all together. And Pots & Pans will have Honey Caramel Pear pie with almond oat crumble topping.

This is also the one time during the month that we will have Red Frazier Bison as well as Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co. with us. Come get your lean healthy and flavorful bison meat and your healthful and delicious wild-caught fish from the icy waters of Alaska.

Also because it is Week #2 of the month, we have Batch No. 2, Circle City Smoke, Hickory Valley Farms, Groomsville Popcorn, and Primal Delights joining us this week. 3 in 1 Restaurant will also be at the Market this Saturday.

Brotgarten is back this week after being out the last two. Home Ec, Artisano’s Oils & Spices, and La Chinita Poblana are out this Saturday. Farm to Product will be out the next two weeks.