Summer may technically be over, and school started a month ago in some cases, but we won’t be done with the Market season any time soon.

 We had lots of customers asking last week, “How long will the Market be open?”  The answer is “We’re open through the Saturday before Thanksgiving.” That’s November 17th this year.

There are always plenty of winter squash, sweet potatoes, fall greens, cabbage, broccoli, and of course, eggs, meat, and all of the prepared foods available through November and beyond.

We will be switching over to fall hours the beginning of October (9-12) to allow for sunrise coming later as we move through the season.

The only Saturday of the year that we do not have a market is the one after Thanksgiving (and possibly Christmas and New Year if they fall on a Saturday). The Broad Ripple Winter Market then starts the first Saturday in September and runs through April.

See our Summer and Winter market location pages for more information about the two seasonal Broad Ripple Farmers Markets.