As we’re looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, our vendors are busy right now harvesting and preparing for tomorrow morning’s Market. They work so hard all week — all year really, to bring you the fresh produce that is the heart of our Market. That’s why we don’t close or cancel unless we absolutely have to, and why we hope you’ll come out tomorrow morning regardless of the forecast.

If you don’t come to buy it, what will happen to all that sweet corn, all those vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes, those fresh green beans, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce, and more? Some of it will get donated to food banks, but much of it will just get composted, and that’s such a shame because then the farmers get no return for all that work and planning.

So, pull on your rubber boots, don your rain jacket, and grab your umbrella and re-usable shopping bags. Make a shopping list of all the wonderful things you need from the Market and don’t forget the fresh-baked breads, pasture-raised meats, and all the artisan foods. Our vendors will be there waiting for you with all the fresh local food they’ve worked so hard to prepare for you – rain or shine.

For complete details about our weather policy at the BRFM, click here.