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Our local river has been a dumping ground for industrial waste and raw sewage in the past. But it may be seeing better days in the near future.

The White River Vision Plan is being developed to promote access to the river for residents and visitors. The plan will explore ways to connect the city to attractions, arts and entertainment venues, hiking and biking trails, and neighborhoods. It will also propose educational and thematic recreational water experiences and take into account environmental value and ecological quality of the river corridor, including its water quality and natural habitats.

 “Community involvement is central to the development of the White River Master Plan,” said Emily Mack, Director of the Department of Metropolitan Development for the City of Indianapolis. “As a nexus to connect Central Indiana like never before, the plan will incorporate community ideas, feedback, and concerns to ensure that the transformation of the White River becomes a genuine community-wide destination for all.”

For those interested in attending a public meeting, there will be one in Noblesville on Wednesday, one Thursday from noon to 2 pm at Marian University, Paul J. Norman Center, 3200 Cold Spring Rd., and another from 6-8 pm (also Thursday) at Riverside Park Family Center Auditorium, 2420 Riverside Dr.

You can also sign up for email updates and see the vision plan and the project timeline at