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The Market is in full swing and the aisles are getting more crowded. If you bring your dog to the Market, it is important to keep in mind these guidelines so everyone can be safe and happy.

Two Important Safety Issues:

  • Long leads and extendable leads create a tripping hazard for other shoppers. Dogs must be kept on short leads, close to their owner’s side.
  • Dog visitors must be friendly to both people and other dogs

Additional Safety tips:

  • If your dog is normally fine at the Market, but for some reason gets worked up, please be sure to take them out of the situation (out of the crowd or back to your car).
  • Please report instances of aggressive dog behavior to a volunteer at the Information Tent – we need your eyes and ears to help monitor for safety at the Market.

We love having well-behaved dog visitors at the Market. Thanks for everyone’s help in keeping our market dog-friendly!