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If my dad were in town this weekend (he’s in Florida), I’d take him with me to the Market. He and my mom love going to the Market with me, and I know just what he’d like for Father’s Day.

First of all he’d love to get a cup of coffee and an almond croissant to split with my mom because they’re kind of cute that way – sharing their food and all. Then he’d be roaming the booths on the lookout for a few of his favorite things.

This time of the year I think he would be interested in the tomatoes coming on (tomato sandwiches are great summertime eating), as well as the strawberries for shortcake (which mom is so good at), fresh basil for caprese, and zucchini and summer squash for his favorite squash and egg casserole. 

He would be interested in and curious about the garlic scapes, kohlrabi, baby eggplants, and colorful radishes, plus the difference between sugar snap and shelling peas. He’d want to taste the Spring Locust Honey and all the cheeses, and take home some wild-caught salmon which would remind him of their trip to Alaska years ago.

Like me, he’d find it hard to pass up a pie, a pretzel for later, some pickles, or a jar of good mustard. We are, after all, of very German heritage. And being occasionally thoughtful and sweet, he might think to get a bouquet of pretty cut flowers for my mom while he’s at it.

Although he’ll be far away on Father’s Day, I’ll be sure to talk to him on the phone Sunday, and I know he’ll ask me how the Market was and I’ll tell him what I brought home. I might have to have a tomato sandwich and some strawberry shortcake in his honor.

Hopefully your dad is close by to celebrate with this weekend. If not, maybe you can do like I’m doing — savor his favorite things from the Market while holding dear dad in your heart.