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We’re pleased to have Green With Indy back at the Market for the third season. GWI is dedicated to their mission of helping our city feed the earth and their vision of making Indianapolis a green leader on the path to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Specifically Greg Walton of GWI wants to make Broad Ripple Village and SoBro a healthier area to live in and raise our families in by making them the greenest communities in the state. We’d love that too!

Part of the plan is to educate the community about what composting is and what it can do.

Food waste is one of the single largest compoents of solid waste in landfills. Combined with man-made materials, it decomposes to form a toxic sludge called leachate that harms soil and water. But that same organic food waste can be turned into beneficial soil enrichment by the process of composting.

Composting returns the nutrients in food waste back to the soil it came from, thus making it the ultimate form of recycling. Food, leaves, grass clippings, paper and cardboard, natural fabrics, all can be composted. For a more complete list of what can and cannot be composted, click here.

Green With Indy promotes this process by providing customers with a bin and picking up your compostables right from your curb just like your trash and recycling services. See their website or talk to Greg at the Market to sign up.

The resulting compost is eventually donated to schools and organizations to assist initiatives that promote urban agriculture and the return to kitchen gardens for self-sufficient food security. GWI also offers compost for sale in bulk.

Greg’s goal (and ours too) is to reach 999 new customers this season and show Indiana, the country, and the world what recycling looks like – Broad Ripple style. You get a cool window decal when you sign up too.