There were new cucumbers, ginger, flowers, onions, peas, apples, peppers, and ready-to-eat offerings! Rhubarb is back, and the new BRFM Calendar was available to purchase at the Information booth..

  • Harvest Moon Flower Farm had so many new things this week. They had dried okra stalks, Mexican sage, “hairy balls”, curly willow branches, and fresh ginger roots.
  • Shelling peas and salad cucumbers were new at Weathered Plow plus ground cherries, mums, and okra.
  • Norman Mullet Farm had fall rhubarb, black & daikon radishes, fresh garlic, and Napa cabbage.
  • Armenian cucumbers were at Annabelles Garden along with cippolini onions, 4 types of wild mushrooms, 3 types of grapes, 3 types of cabbage, and shishito peppers.
  • Azalia Farm Market had serrano, habanero, & Anaheim peppers, purple beans, okra, and watermelons.
  • Cayenne peppers were at Fields Farm Fresh as well as poblanos, cubanelles, & sweet snack peppers, round zucchinis, seedless watermelons, and bi-color corn.
  • Full Hand Farm also had poblanos plus radicchio, baby chard, spinach, 4 types of radishes, celery, leeks, and bok choy.
  • Daikon radishes and multicolored radishes were also at Funny Bone Farm and 3 types of kale.
  • Compean & Sons had 8 types of apples including September Gold and Crimson Crisp.
  • Razor Russet apples were new at Wild’s Apple Farm and their staff pick of the day were Empires.
  • Lee’s Orchard added Granny Smith apples to their other varieties including Mutsu Crispen and Honey Crisps.
  • Pots & Pans had adorable fall pumpkin pots full of succulents in addition to delicious pies.
  • Tulip Tree Creamery had ready-to-eat cheese plates with a half wedge of Trillium plus crackers & apple wedges.
  • Old Major Market had biscuits with cheddar chorizo gravy plus amazing bacons & sausages.

Plenty of winter squash, pumpkins, gourds, and ornamental corn were everywhere!