We got word from Paul Yoder last night that Funny Bone Farm will be bringing white and purple cauliflower to the Market this Saturday. Several other vendors should start to have big beautiful heads of cauliflower very soon.

It’s Week #4 of the month, so we have ARPO (Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership) back this week. We also have Hidden Pond Farm, Home Ec, Old Major Market, and Trailhead Naturals joining us.

It’s also fall festival season around the state and many of our vendors participate in various events. Therefore, we will be missing Anderson Farms, Byrnes Grilled Pizza, Hole Pottery, and La Chinita Poblana this week.

“Whatever will I do for breakfast?” you may be asking yourself. Well, we have lots of other options besides pizza and tacos at the Market. May I suggest Skillington Family Farms (breakfast sandwiches & wraps), Taste Café & Marketplace (quiche, strata, biscuits & gravy), Walking Waffle (Belgian waffles with toppings), or delicious pastries from Circle City Sweets or Renee’s Bakery. Gluten-free baked goods are available at Simple Taste.

Please remember to follow the one-way signs in the parking lot. All traffic is one-way going south toward the exit. Do not turn and go north up the center. Thank you.