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The BRFM Dinner in the Garden took place last weekend at Eskenazi Health Commongrounds; and the Ross Faris Award was given to Tyler Herald, Executive Chef at Patachou Inc.

Ross Faris participated in the Broad Ripple Farmers Market from it’s beginning. He was the lead in setting up the market at Eskenazi, and actively encouraged Indy restaurants to support locally grown food.

The first Garden Dinners to support our Market were held on the property he owned and farmed. Unfortunately, his untimely death in 2011 brought that to an end, but we are striving to preserve his legacy through the award that bears his name.

Thank you to our Advisory Committee for their help in selecting this year’s winner. The committee consists of Bob Whitt, Todd Jameson, Jolene Ketzenberger, Sherry Faris, and Thom England.

For many years, our 2017 recipient Tyler Herald, has been directly supporting local farmers by ordering meaningful quantities of produce that allowed them to expand their production and build a livelihood. Many of our current and past farmer/vendors can testify to the positive impact he has had on local sustainable farming.

Congratulations Tyler — keep up the good work!