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There’s something new available from Byrne’s Grilled Pizza at the Market! Tomorrow they will be introducing their newest offering — Meal Kits.

The Meal Kits will include 2 small crusts, sauce and cheese for a cheese pizza for $14.00. Additional ala carte toppings available include pepperoni, Kincaid’s sausage, and Smoking Goose bacon bits. Then purchase any vegetables toppings you like from the other BRFM vendors.

Get fresh mozzarella from Tulip Tree and basil from Earthly Delights or Full Hand Farm for a classic Margherita pizza. Get creative with shiitake mushrooms from Freedom Valley and green peppers from Norman Mullet Farm. How about some chevre from Caprini Farmstead Creamery and corn from Fields Farm Fresh? You get the idea!

With fabulous crust from Byrne’s, a choice of meats, and all of the amazing fresh local produce and artisan foods at the Market – you can do pizza at home like a pro!