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Have you seen the beautiful golden mushrooms that Josh Horrigan has at Annabelles Garden? Did you know their name, or what to do with them? Here’s the scoop on Chanterelles!

Chanterelles are a wild edible mushroom ranging in color from orange to gold. They have wavy, fleshy caps with ruffled false gills that flare upward along the stem. Their flavor is nutty, with an aroma of apricots or peaches. They have never been successfully cultivated and can only be found in the wild. 

Chanterelle mushrooms should be kept dry and refrigerated, and used within a week. Pair with pasta, butter or cream sauces, other wild mushrooms, cured meats and cow’s milk cheese, onions and garlic. They may be sauteed or roasted in vegetable side dishes, or even pickled.

My family’s favorite way to use them is simply sauteed in butter with a splash of marsala and served with chicken cutlets. Ask Josh for some cooking ideas — after all, he is a trained chef!