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The foundation is in place for the new road at Shamrock Farm (April 10th).

Eric Murphy was facing a dilemma this past winter. Should he quit growing mushrooms altogether, or make the leap of faith to grow the business instead? I recently contacted Eric regarding his decision to expand operations. This is what he told me:

“I am building a new barn to grow in. I was renting my old location and it just became too small and there were too many issues with that location that pushed me to either build my own building or quit altogether.

They are starting the driveway back to the barn tomorrow (April 15th) and the construction should follow quickly after that. I have a building that is basically a big unfinished storage shed. We will be doubling the size and finishing out the inside to be a state of the art growing operation.    

There will be 5 separate grow rooms, a weigh and pack room, cooler, and a small office. This will allow me to grow up to 5 different varieties of mushrooms simultaneously. As it will be a purpose-built structure, I will also have better control of the environment, which is key. This should increase yield and quality, and cut back on labor.  

Shiitakes, portobellos and oysters will be the three foundation varieties.  I may rotate through several other specialty varieties, such as lions mane and miitake, to change things up a bit. 

Staff is hired to do everything from harvesting to sales, so we will be ready to hit the ground running as soon as the building is ready. “

This is great news for all of us who love Shamrock’s delicious and healthy mushrooms! Look for Eric to return to the Market sometime in late May to mid-June. I know I can hardly wait!