7-20-pretzelsWe’ve got some treats in store for you this Saturday, so bundle up and come on out for the next to the last market of the season!

  • Patrick Wojtalik of Pat’s Philly Pretzels will be grilling pretzels — that’s right, grilling pretzels this Saturday! Artisano’s Oils & Spices is donating the oil!
  • Lick Ice Cream is introducing a new flavor for Thanksgiving –Cranberry Shortbread, YUM!
  • Jenny Cleave of Simple Taste has been working on gluten-free pastas and plans to bring ravioli and lasagna noodles this Saturday! Wonderful!
  • We saw a new turnip last week at Norman Mullet Farm. It tastes like a rutabaga with a super silky texture. This is a must-try!
  • It’s the second week of November, so we have Red Frazier Bison, Ash Blaeds, and Trailhead Naturals back with us this Saturday!
  • Artisano’s Oils & Spices is out this week, but will be back next Saturday!
  • Dickinson Custom Woordworking is also out this week, and will let us know if they are able to return for our last market on Nov. 19th.
  • Walking Waffle, Harvest Moon Flower FarmHole Pottery, and Simpson’s Farm Market are out for the season.