revival-foods-nut-buttersThe weather forecast is looking good for Saturday and we’ll have both duck and salmon this week. It’s also the last week of the season for Revival Food Co., so come and stock up on their wonderful nut butters!

  • Funny Bone Farm will have canned tomato & peach salsas plus tomato vegetable soup with kale in it!
  • Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood are back for an additional week this month. If you missed them a couple of weeks ago, you have another chance to get healthy fresh salmon!
  • It’s Week #3 of the month, so we have Maple Leaf Farm (duck), Revival Food Co. (nut butters), and Ash Blaeds (custom knives) with us this Saturday!
  • Byrne’s Grilled Pizza is back with us this week after being out last week!
  • Ludwig Farmstead Creamery is out this week due to a family commitment, but they will be back next Saturday!
  • Nicey Treat is out for the season.