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bag-organizingIt takes some thought and planning to truly “Kick the Plastic Habit”. Bringing your reusable shopping bag to the Market is just the beginning!

The next step is to bring additional bags or containers from home to separate your produce purchases. Here are some ideas from volunteers and customers at the Market!

  • Reuse containers like yogurt or cottage cheese cartons, or coffee cans you’ve washed and saved for this purpose.
  • Use smaller brown paper bags (you can buy a whole package of them inexpensively) to bag your produce separately.
  • Bring the storage bags you will be using when you get home and put your items right in them for easy transfer later.
  • Repurpose plastic bags you’ve saved from other shopping, and keep them in your reusable bag for your trip to the Market.
  • Use corrugated cardboard to section your bag into separate areas for different items.
  • Cut the tops off plastic milk jugs to make sturdy bins within your bag for delicate items.

With a little ingenuity, we can reduce plastic waste and get many more uses out of the plastic we DO use before we recycle them. If we all do our part, we really can “Kick the Plastic Habit” at the BRFM!