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silverthorn weatherYou may have noticed we’ve had inclement weather the past few weeks at the Market and during the weeks between markets! As inconvenient as it is for customers, rough weather makes things even more difficult for our vendors – especially the growers!

Imagine trying to harvest corn or tomatoes in muddy fields where a tractor would get stuck; or having half your peach crop ruined because thunderstorms knocked the ripe peaches off the trees and bruised them before you could get them picked.

I remember last year there were very few strawberries because of wet weather that drowned the ground-growing fruit, but we had a bumper crop of blueberries that grow on bushes off the ground. Weather can make or break a grower’s season.

Assuming you get a good growing season and a good harvest, then you still have to get your produce to market. Some of our growers come from hours away in northern or southern Indiana; and that’s a long drive to get to Broad Ripple by 7 a.m. in any kind of weather.

Once set up and ready for the market to open, they have to be prepared for anything with sandbags anchoring their tents and tarps to protect their goods. Being a small-farm market-vendor is not for the faint of heart!

Next time you’re at the Market, you might want to thank our growers for their hard work and steady nerves in literally weathering the storms to bring all that great fresh produce to us every week!

And speaking of weather, you can see the BRFM Weather Policy here.