9.13 hidden pond krauts verticalIt looks like we’re going to have good weather this week after two weeks of rain at the Market! We’re nearing the end of summer which means peaches, corn, and berries, won’t be around much longer. Now would be a good time to stock up on those items and on My Dad’s Sweet Corn Chowder at Circle City Sweets/Soups!

  • The BRVA (Broad Ripple Village Association) is back this Saturday with information about the Historic Home Tour. They’ll be in the spot vacated by Pete’s Peaches who are now out for the season.
  • It’s week #4 of the month, so we have ARPO (Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership), Ash Blaeds, Hidden Pond Farm, and Red Frazier Bison at the Market this week!
  • Byrne’s Grilled Pizza and Brotgarten are both out this Saturday. ARPO will take Byrne’s spot and BRMHS (Broad Ripple Magnet High School) Athletics will be in Brotgarten’s spot this week.
  • Dog owners – please remember to keep your dog on a SHORT lead and right beside you at the Market. We saw way too many dogs wandering on long leads last Saturday, with the potential to “trip” up other shoppers!