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dog-behavior-at-the-marketWe love being a dog-friendly market, but at this time of the year, when the Market is so busy and crowded, it’s more important than ever to follow the dog rules.

We’ve had complaints recently that in the crowded conditions shoppers are tripping over dogs, dogs are barking and being aggressive toward other dogs, and dogs are putting their paws or noses on vendor tables. We’d like to remain dog-friendly, but we need you to do your part.

  • Dog visitors must be kept on a short lead and remain by their owner’s side(Keeping dogs on a short leash will help keep them under their owner’s watchful eye. But more importantly, long leads are safety hazards for all customers.)
  • Dog visitors must be friendly to other dogs and to children. (Dogs that become aggressive with other dogs or children need to be walked calmly away from the Market immediately. It is important that none of our visitors be put at risk.)
  • Dog visitors must not put their paws on vendor tables.
  • Dog visitors must not sniff or lick displayed produce, plants, or food.
  • Dog visitors must not pee on anything within the confines of the Market.
  • Dog owners should come prepared to clean up after an “accident.”

Please keep your dog right next to you, discourage barking, do not allow aggressive or overly curious behavior, and make sure they have had a chance to take care of “business” before coming to the Market. We want you, your dog, and the other visitors, to all have a great experience at the BRFM!