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Score_natatorium_zerowaste_15colThe BRFM added a dedicated booth to the Market this year for recycling, compost, and landfill waste. You may have seen the color coded bins with informative signs that show what can be put in each.

If you attended the U.S. Diving Trials at the IUPUI Natatorium last month, you might have noticed similar sets of bins in use. They were part of an effort to put on a 90% Zero Waste event.

The organizers were able to capture 94% of 2,800 lbs. of total waste generated and divert it to recycling and composting and away from landfill. Using the color-coded bins for recycles (blue), food waste (green), and trash for landfill (black), they surpassed the goal they had set for themselves heading into the event.

All over the world, three-way segregation of waste is becoming the norm, primarily with some form of color coding. At the BRFM we are using that same system to help shoppers dispose of waste in the most economical and environmentally sound way. Hopefully we will start seeing this system in use at more sporting events and festivals!