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Did you ever wonder what to do with a jar of honeycomb? Here is a wonderful idea from Patricia Barrickman (Dave’s wife) from Wildflower Ridge Honey.

The honeycomb is a great sweet counterpoint to the salty cheese and fresh fruit; and you can play around with different combinations. Best of all, you can get everything you need (except the almonds) at the Market! Grab a baguette from one of our bakers, cheese from one of our fabulous creameries, fruit from any of our amazing growers, and of course a jar of honeycomb from Wildflower Ridge Honey!

Honeycomb and Cheese Plate Appetizer

by Kelly Yandell

8.31 wildflower ridge honeycombIngredients:

  • a jar of honeycomb with honey
  • several selections of cheese
  • Marcona almonds
  • a baguette
  • ripe pears (or other fruit)


  1. Let the cheese sit out for a bit before serving. Remove a portion of the honeycomb to a plate and surround it with a pool of honey. Take great care to not damage the comb as you remove it from the container. Slice the baguette.
  2. Place all of this together on a large tray or on several plates with cheese knives for the cheeses and the honey comb. A sharp knife will allow guests to slice pears as they like, or you can slice them ahead of time and dunk them in lemon laced water to prevent browning.