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cleaning-reusable-bags-1We were thrilled to get so many donations of reusable shopping bags when we first asked. Unfortunately they have all been given out to customers who forgot to bring their own bags and we are out now.

One of the volunteers even gave away my own personal shopping bag last Saturday! (By the way, if you were given a green bag and found two small net bags inside, those are mine and although I am happy to give up the big one, I’d sure love to get my little net bags back.)

The takeaway here is twofold.

  1. Customers need to obtain and remember to bring their own reusable shopping bags to the Market. 
  2. We need more donations of extra reusable bags for those who do forget, as we all do sometimes.

And for all of you who have made use of those donated bags we handed out at the information booth — please bring them back so that others can make use of them. I know that means you will have to either remember to bring your own from home (I’m willing to keep reminding you); or you’ll have to purchase one (if you didn’t have any). Actually you can make one out of an old t-shirt if you don’t want to spend  money on a bag (the instructions are here).

We can’t save the planet without your help!