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recycling booth compostable signMother always told us to clean our plates because children in other countries were starving. Maybe that’s why I hate to throw away food. But we have to do something with the trimmings, peels, cores, and such from our food. So what should we do?

If you ask Greg Walton of “Green With Indy”, he’ll tell you the answer is composting! Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. It is a key ingredient in organic farming.  It’s the circle of life of food!

All food can be composted. You can also compost food-soiled paper products that shouldn’t go in the recycle bin, and other approved compostables such as cardboard or paper plates, cups, bags, and utensils that are made to bio-degrade. No plastic, metal, or glass can be composted.

You may have seen the compost, recycle, and landfill bins at the Recycling Booth at the Market. The informative signs on the front of the bins tell you what can be put in each of them.  We send food waste to be composted, recyclables to a recycling plant, and greatly reduce what goes to the landfill!

Now, if you are a gardener, you may already be composting for your own soil. But if you don’t garden but still like the idea of composting your food scraps, you can easily and painlessly start. “Green With Indy” has just begun regular curbside compost pickup service in Indianapolis!

You can save your kitchen food scraps in compostable bags (I have a ceramic crock on my kitchen counter with bio-degradable liners) and have them picked up at your own home. Then they will be turned into organic fertilizer and soil enhancer. What a great idea!

See Greg at the Recycling Booth at the Market for more information, or go to his website here.