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kids with honey sticksWe are at the height of the season and reaching peak attendance at the BRFM. That means it’s more important than ever to practice good market etiquette so that everyone can enjoy their visit.

  • If you want to stop to talk, please take your conversation out of the path of others who are trying to shop; above all, don’t block access to a vendor’s booth! Pick a spot between vendors, at a café table, or in the middle of the aisle leaving room on either side for the flow of shoppers.
  • Don’t set your bags down, park your stroller, or leave a wagon or cart in a spot blocking access to a vendor’s products. Keep your things with you or considerately out of the way.
  • Don’t walk bikes through the aisle. Please secure them to a tree or a fence outside the confines of the Market.
  • Keep children and dogs close to you and under your control for their safety as well as the safety and comfort of others. Children should not be running through the Market and dogs need to be on a short lead so they are not wandering and tripping up other customers.
  • Letting dogs “roam” on retractable leads is not acceptable. Keep them right next to you.
  • Children should be supervised in exploring the products the Market has to offer; and dogs should not be allowed to explore products at all.
  • As always, please make sure your dog has its potty break before coming to the Market; and be prepared to clean up if there is an accident.
  • Space is crowded and tents are close together. Please do not try to enter the Market between vendor tents which are often right up against each other. Do not invade the vendor’s space. You can enter at either end or where the café tables are located next to the entertainment tent.
  • Finally, please wait until 8 am to begin shopping. Our vendors get there early to park and set up. It is unfair to expect them to accommodate you before their scheduled opening time.

Keep these points of Market etiquette in mind, and we can all have a great experience at the BRFM!