spring locust honeyWildflower Ridge Honey just harvested their rare and much-anticipated Spring Locust Honey this past week. They will have a limited supply of 1 lb. glass jars at the Market this Saturday!

  • The BRVA will be back this week with the BIG DUCK and racing ducks ready to purchase and register for the annual duck race on the canal, June 26th.
  • La Chinita Poblana has been out for the past two weeks, but they’re back this Saturday!
  • It’s Week #3, and Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood will be with us! Also back for the third week of June are Revival Foods, Me and Dippy McGee, and Maple Leaf Farm Duck!
  • Brotgarten and Indiana Craft Jerky will be out this week; and The Daily Blossom is out again, but back on the 25th.
  • Corn Watch has begun. My Dad’s Sweet Corn informs us that they expect to have corn for the July 2nd market. We’ll keep you posted as to its progress.
  • Just two more weeks to get your Breakfast Box at Fermenti Artisan! After July 1st, they will suspend the popular prepared meal and concentrate on production of their amazing fermented products.

And don’t forget that on July 2nd, plastic shopping bags at the BRFM will go away. Vendors will no longer have them available when you make a purchase.  “Kick the Plastic Habit” and get those reusable bags ready!