5.9 arpo robert the dogLast week sprung a few surprises on us. We thought Funny Bone Farm was coming, but we had our signals crossed. They will start this Saturday — for sure, we double-checked!

  • Shamrock Farm had a cooler malfunction and had to cancel at the last minute, and Apple Works and La Chinita Poblana were unable to make it last week. Shamrock and Apple Works will be back this week, but La Chinita Poblana will be out at Gay Pride. We expect George back next Saturday.
  • The Daily Blossom will be out this week and also next week on the 18th. Back on the 25th.
  • Dickinson Custom Woodworking will be in a different location this week — down at the south end of the Market next to Maplewood Farm.
  • Because it is the second Saturday of the month, ARPO, Ash Blaeds, Red Frzier Bison, Hidden Pond Farm, and Trailhead Naturals will be with us.
  • It’s National Pet Appreciation Week! Give your dog or cat a hug and a good head scratch today! Don’t have a cat or dog? Adopt one from ARPO!