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5.28 anns asparagus verticalWe heard from Pete Slowik of Ann’s Asparagus (and Pete’s Peaches) that their asparagus is done for the season and they would not be back this Saturday. Pete says that asparagus has a 6-week season and the season started a little early this year because of warm weather in April that hurried things up.

Keep in mind that they are in southern Indiana and that some of the other vendors who are in central or northern parts of the state had a later start to their harvest and will have asparagus for a little bit longer. But be aware that the asparagus season is tapering off. Now is the time to get it!

Peaches too will have their season – sooner or later, depending on the weather conditions at critical times in their development. Each variety has about a 2-week window of peak harvest and then it will be gone and another variety will take its place for its own 2-week window until the full peach season is over.

You can learn a lot by talking to the vendors about what they grow and when they harvest various crops. Some produce, fruits in particular have a fairly short season. Strawberries for instance have been around for a few weeks, but are peaking now and might be gone by the end of the month. Again, it depends on where they are grown. The first berries we saw were from south of here and the last ones at the Market will be from north of Indy.

Some produce likes the hot humid summer weather, and other produce will thrive in cooler conditions. Some things like wet conditions and others prefer it a bit drier. Certain crops even have both a spring and a fall harvest. Everything has a peak season and that is the best time to buy it, and either eat it or store it (by freezing or preserving) for future use.

After all, that’s what fresh and local is all about!