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planet RRRThis is the week – and Saturday is the day. We’ve been getting ready and now we’re all set to KICK THE PLASTIC HABIT!

Vendors will no longer hand out plastic shopping bags when you shop at their booths. Customers will need to bring their reusable shopping bags from home. And don’t forget some sort of sturdy container for fragile items like raspberries.

For those who forget to bring their bags from home, we’ve got a solution. We had an amazing response to our call for extra reusable shopping bags. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the information booth last week to drop off extra new or gently-used bags. We’ll be accepting extras every week.

Of course our vendors will have baskets for you to use when gathering produce to purchase. And some of them may have paper bags to give you or reusable bags for sale. We are working on getting our own BRFM reusable bags and will keep you posted on when they will be available.

Plastic straws are also now gone from our market. Most of our beverage vendors will have paper straws available to replace the plastic ones or you can drink from a cup without a lid or straw. You can also bring your own beverage container from home with a sip-friendly lid.

And don’t forget to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at our Recycling Booth next to the info booth at the Market! We have dedicated containers for recycling, composting, and landfill trash; and dedicated volunteers to help you decipher what’s what (we know it can be confusing sometimes).

For more information about our campaign and the impact of plastic on the environment, go to our “Kick the Plastic Habit” web page here.