buzz-photos-6-18Peas and garlic scapes are the items of the week! Sugar snap, snow peas and shelling peas all made an appearance at Nujac Garden, Annabelle’s Garden, and Earthly Delights. And no less than five vendors had garlic scapes this week! (Silverthorn, Annabelle’s, Norman Mullet, Compean & Sons, and Funny Bone Farm.)

  • Green beans at Earthly Delights and Compean & Sons! Good to see Jose Compean back in his booth!
  • Broccolicauliflower, and kohlrabi at Norman Mullet Farm!
  • Beautiful Swiss chard at Funny Bone, Silverthorn Farm, Full Hand Farm, and Earthly Delights!
  • Azalia Farm Market had Chinese cabbage and a different zucchini!
  • Full Hand Farm had gorgeous fennel and carrots!
  • Lots of lettuces and kale, beetsradishes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes almost everywhere!
  • Strawberries are fading fast. There may be a few next week, but maybe none. Only Annabelle’s Garden and Apple Works had them this week.
  • Fields Farm Fresh and Bloomer’s had herb and flower plants!
  • JP Parker Flowers will still have some peonies next week, and their sunflowers will be ready too!
  • Robert Bruce Scott was back again as David Ackerman (who was scheduled) cut two fingers pretty badly and was unable to play. RBS fortunately offered to step in and even brought a friend!
  • The BRVA was back with the BIG DUCK and racing ducks to purchase and register for the Annual Duck Race on the canal. They’ll be with us this coming Saturday too!

What’s New?

  • H2O Microgreens had new buckwheat sprouts!
  • Tulip Tree Creamery had a new 9 month aged cheese, Nightshade!
  • Pastries Chefs had a new Raisin Swirl Roll!
  • Simpson’s Family Farm had a new Polish sausage!
  • And Wildflower Ridge Honey had Spring Locust Honey!