5.18 dickinson spoonsRodney at Fields Farm Fresh told me he thought their lettuces would be ready for the Market this week! And I expect the strawberries to show up in force any time now. We’ve had them at a couple of vendors the past two weeks, but either this weekend or next, I expect to see them all over the Market!

  • Dickinson Custom Woodworking is moving to the south end this week where Byrne’s Grilled Pizza usually is (Byrne’s is out doing Indy 500 festivities).
  • La Chinita Poblana is back this week after doing the Broad Ripple Art Fair last Saturday. Come get your fruit cups and cactus paddle tacos!
  • It is the 4th week of May, so ARPO is back. Ask them about the upcoming Dog Olympics and their fundraiser, Pasta and Puppies!
  • Other vendors back for week 4 include Hidden Pond Farm, Red Frazier Bison, and Me & Dippy McGee. I see bison burgers with all natural ketchup and a great dip in someone’s Memorial Day weekend future. Don’t forget the Amazing Potato Chips for that great dip!
  • Trail head Naturals is also back with raw foods that are 100% plant based, filled with whole, natural, organic ingredents. Their foods are also 100% sugar-free and gluten-free, with no artificial sweeteners, fillers, synthetic colours, stabilizers or any other yucky stuff!
  • Caprini Farmstread Creamery Goat Cheese will be out this week.