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leafy RRROne day last summer, one of our produce vendors told me he was going thru 1,500 plastic shopping bags each week. That revelation launched an effort to identify strategies and alternatives to help us “Kick the Plastic Habit” at the BRFM.

We explored several paths and settled on the ones you’ve been reading about in our newsletter. We know our customers are aware of the environmental impact of plastic bags and straws and most bring reusable bags for shopping. But with your help, we believe we can do better!

The other concern I have is how much trash we generate at the Market. In light of the “Kick the Plastic Habit” campaign, this seemed like a good time to partner with other concerned local organizations to do a better job of properly disposing of recyclables and waste at the BRFM.

Thank you for your support and patience as we roll out these initiatives. If you have other ideas and suggestions, please feel free to share them. We fully expect to learn as we go and know you will be a big part of helping us get there.