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b1e256f2-1f0c-4700-ba3b-9ce2e4871e69More Fresh Produce!

We welcome back Silverthorn Farm to the Broad Ripple Winter Market! They have been working this winter on the construction of a 20,000 square foot heated greenhouse that will allow more year round produce. This weekend they will be featuring fresh greens, lettuce and other spring items.

5f19aa21-d96f-4aca-9928-dfe319e6dcf1Potted Herbs!

Spring is here (or so we’ve heard) and now is the time to purchase your potted herbs. This weekend at the market, Harvest Moon Flower Farm will be featuring rosemary, thyme, tarragon, lavender, basil, parsley and chives ready to be re-potted or transplanted to your garden for your culinary enjoyment.

c370cabe-d3ac-4971-8ac8-420a5a788370Improve Your Soil!

Try Sophia Organic’s wildly popular 2lb. bag of GROW: Earthworm Bounty, 100% Organic Earthworm Castings.  Made right here in Indiana, their castings have all the beneficial bacteria your root systems need to build better, stronger and more abundant plants than you ever imagined.

Lamb Chop Sale!

Russell Sheep will be offering 20% off lamb chops this Saturday at the Winter Market!