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Part 2 – REUSE your bags and containers over and over again.

NFMW_Economy1-290x300We told you in our last post about the campaign to “Kick the Plastic Habit” (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle), and about our plan to make it happen starting on opening day.

The next step in lessening our dependence on plastic is to REUSE items like bags and containers over and over again, eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

  • Bring your own re-usable shopping bag(s) every week. (May 7)
  • Purchase re-usable insulated bags from the BRVA at the info booth. (May 7)
  • Bring re-usable containers from home for delicate items like berries. (May 7)
  • Donate clean re-usable bags for those who forgot to bring theirs. (May 7)

Next time we will take a look our plan to RECYCLE at the Market this season!