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New Vendors at the Winter Market

pastaNicole Taylor’s Pasta is Indianapolis’ fresh pasta source! With over 22 kinds of amazing pastas that include cheese, mushroom, and pumpkin-flavored ravioli, fusilli, linguine, penne, raditore, rigatoni, and tagliatelle that are made in the Midtown Indy neighborhood. Pair your pasta with sauces that includes locally sourced ingredients.

microgreensFull of nutrients and vitamins like beta-carotene, the vegetables from H2O Micro Greens are like concentrated versions of their larger counterparts. Freshly grown micro greens are considered a superfood, meaning they bring great health benefits to a meal, even as a garnish. Start eating smarter and try our tasty veggies.

Guest Vendors This Week

chocolate trufflesChocolate for the Spirit, will be featuring freshly made Valentine’s Day specials. Here is the alternative to store bought chocolate that can be months old with heavy preservatives. Their award winning chocolates is the special gift for that special loved one.

Home Ec. makes small batch preserves and pickles using local and organic ingredients. They are this week’s featured vendor, so make sure you make a visit to the market to stock up on these great canned items.

Featured Breakfast at Bent Rail Brewery

breakfast specialEverything Bagel with herbed cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and black kale with a side of fruit or breakfast salad. Available Saturday & Sunday!