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9.12 azalia truckWe received this message last week from the Boulevard Place Food Pantry. All through the 2015 market season, gleaners from the food pantry have come to the BRFM at closing to take donations of leftover produce from our vendors. We’re pleased and proud to share this with our customers and show you just how fantastic our vendors really are!

“To all of the wonderful vendors who have donated fresh produce to the Boulevard Place Food Market, we are extremely grateful for your generosity and the wonderful spirit in which you donate the food each week.   Our clients very often have neither the money nor the opportunity to shop for fresh produce and so they look with wonder at our client cooler full of your goodies.  We, and they, are extremely appreciative.”

Mark Varnau, Boulevard Place Food Pantry.

For more information about the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantries, click here.