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8.26 breakfast Sam's Man v. Food meal is bigger than my head!My husband and I recently returned from our first big vacation in years. We began our trip with three nights in Las Vegas which was a totally new experience. The glitz and the excess were both impressive and somewhat disturbing to a down-to-earth Midwestern girl like me.

Imagine my surprise when we tracked down a restaurant highly recommended by our Frommer’s Guide for breakfast the first morning, and found that it was owned by a guy from Indiana. It was decorated with tractor parts and black and white farm photos, and “farm-to-fork” with a definite Hoosier vibe to the menu!

Hash House A Go Go got three stars from Frommer’s and critical acclaim from the New York Post and Martha Stewart for its portions (huge) and its food – fresh, local, and made from scratch. They specialize in hash, but also do omelets, meatloaf, burgers, and pork tenderloins to name just a few.

My corned beef hash and egg over easy would have been enough for both of us and was delicious. The hubby got carried away though and ordered a Man v. Food breakfast that featured waffles, chicken breasts, eggs, bacon, and potatoes, with a biscuit, and gravy over it all. I’m happy to report that he couldn’t finish it.

Who would have thought we could travel to Las Vegas and have a hearty Hoosier breakfast just like my great-grandma used to make down on the farm? (See the Hash House A Go Go menu here. And there’s one in Chicago too.)