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A downpour of rain with wind, thunder & lightning! Yikes!

And then…

  • Harvestland Farm had sorrel, dandelion greens, spinach, and cherry tomatoes!
  • Apple Works had Daybreak Fuji, Somerset, and Sweet 16 apples plus more!
  • Full Hand Farm had pumpkins, peppers, and kohlrabi!
  • Silvethorn Farm lost a tent, but had golden beets, beautiful turnips, and lots of potatoes!
  • Wild’s Apple Farm had Priscilla, Cox Orange Pippin, Jake’s Seedling, Tsugaru, and more apples!
  • Azalia Farm Market had a wonderful fall display of pumpkins and gourds!
  • My Dad’s Sweet Corn says next week will probably be the end of the corn.
  • Annabelle’s Garden had red and green muscadine grapes, cabbage and cauliflower!
  • Hubbard & Craven had iced pumpkin spiced latte!
  • Nicey Treat brought their truck and stayed nice and dry in the storm!
  • Amelia’s Bakery had a delicious salted cocoa brownie!
  • Cornerstone Bread Co. sold out by 11 am in spite of not really getting started until after 9!
  • Lick Ice Cream had a new chocolate orange clove-bud ice cream!
  • Circle City Soups/Sweets says next week is the end of the Sweet Corn Chowder!
  • David Ackerman and friend bravely came out to sing in the rain!