by Lorrie Wehr8.1 revival Jessica

Put down that PB & J. There’s a new nut butter in town! This Saturday be sure to stop by the Revival Food Co. booth and discover artisanal almond butters that will “revive your pantry.”

Owner Rachel Klein describes herself as “an entrepreneur to the core,” with a love for creating healthy food. “I started making homemade almond butter and gluten free baked goods for my Dad…and ended up making adorable little jars of almond butter for (my) wedding guests as favors.” The response was so enthusiastic that she decided to pursue making almond butter as a business, “and Revival Food Co. was born.”

Each jar of Revival almond butter is filled with nutrient-rich goodness. “The ingredients are incredible,” notes Rachel. “We buy all of our ingredients from socially, environmentally, and humanely conscious companies who hold the same high standards that we carry. Everything is either organic, local, or sourced from a family that’s doing it all the right ways.”

Rachel sources her almonds from Alldrin Brothers Almonds, who, importantly, steam pasteurize their almonds; they do not fumigate them with PPO (propylene oxide, a known carcinogen). Local suppliers include Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil, Savage Spice Company, and Good Earth Natural Food Company.

Beyond the exceptional quality of their ingredients, Revival’s nut butters are slowly stone-ground in very small batches (each grind yields just 18 jars), which gives them a superior taste, unique texture, and preserves the nutrients. “I started off using a food processor,” says Rachel, “but I thought stone ground would be more delicious.” She soon discovered there was no such thing as a stone grinder for nut butters, so she took a leap of faith and invested in a stone grinder called a melanger, typically used for making fine chocolate. To Rachel’s delight, “it worked!”

This is Rachel’s first year with the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market, and response from both customers and fellow vendors has been enthusiastic. “I love being at the Market, it’s so fun” says Rachel, “the sense of community is beautiful.” On a typical visit to the Revival booth you’ll find 8 oz. jars of the company’s core flavors available: the Classic original almond butter, Coco Love, Chai Time, Super Spread, and Spicy Bourbon.

Revival Food Co. will be at the Market this Saturday, August 29, and back on September 12th and 16th, as well as October the 3rd and the 17th. Be sure to visit Rachel and pick up a jar or two of creamy goodness to top your fresh bread, smear on your fresh apples, or dollop on top of a lovely local cheese. Check out the Revival Food Co. website and Facebook page, too, to learn more about how their nut butters can revive your pantry. Enjoy!