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  • Eggplant varieties at Balanced Harvest, Fields Farm Fresh, Full Hand Farm, Valentine Hill Farm, Compean & Sons, Silverthorn Farm, Annabelle’s Garden, and Earthly Delights!
  • Watermelons and cantaloupes at Azalia Farm Market, Compean & Sons, Annabelle’s Garden, and Fields Farm Fresh Produce!
  • Apples at Wild’s Apple Farm, Compean & Sons, The Apple Works, and Lee’s Orchard!
  • Peaches at Pete’s Peaches, Lee’s Orchard, Earthly Delights, Annabelle’s, and Compean!
  • Wild’s Apple Farm had Trailman crabapples and five other varieties of apples!
  • Chanterelle and Oyster mushrooms at Annabelle’s Garden and Lee’s Orchard!
  • Apple Works had freestone peaches and Lodi apples for saucing!
  • Fields Farm Fresh had a new variety of Russian Kale!
  • Compean & Sons had Fairy Tale eggplant and Summer Sweet small watermelons!
  • Earthly Delights had Italian heirloom eggplants!
  • Azalia Farm Market had sweet and hot peppers including habaneros!
  • Annabelle’s Garden had Marconi peppers, Indigo Rose mini tomatoes, and yellow romas!
  • JP Parker and Bloomer’s Greenhouse had gladiolas and Harvest Moon Flower Farm had cockscombs!
  • Wildflower Ridge Honey had homemade apple butter sweetened with their honey!
  • Chocolate for the Spirit had cocoa nibs and chocolate nut topping for ice cream or gelato!
  • Lick Ice Cream had a new Roasted Peach and Thai Basil ice cream!
  • Tulip Tree Creamery had a new Thyme Fromage Frais!