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  • Mini pumpkins and gourds at Azalia Farm Market along with butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash which were also at Silverthorn Farm and Annabelle’s Garden! Silverthorn Farm also had bok choy!
  • Raspberries were back at Nujac Garden, Compean & Sons, and Apple Works! Still lots of blueberries!
  • Red Skin and White Hale peaches at Pete’s Peaches and Red Skin and Mason peaches at Lee’s Orchard. Peaches also at Compean & Sons, Annabelle’s Garden and Earthly Delights!
  • Nectarines at Lee’s Orchard and Pete’s Peaches, and Compean & Sons!
  • Silverthorn Farm had 8 varieties of potatoes and Wild’s Apple Farm had 3. Potatoes also at Norman Mullet Farm, Full Hand Farm and Compean & Sons who also had sweet potatoes!
  • Bloomer’s Greenhouse had Ozette and Purple Peruvian fingerling potatoes!
  • Fairy Tale eggplant at Fields Farm Fresh and Compean and Italian heirloom eggplant at Earthly Delights!
  • Harvestland Farm had French breakfast radishes, edible flowers, zucchini blossoms, and rainbow carrots!
  • Cauliflower at Annabelle’s Garden and broccoli at Earthly Delights and Norman Mullet Farm!
  • New apple chips at Wild’s Apple Farm along with 32 different varieties of apples including Honey Crisp! Lee’s Orchard had 8 varieties, and Nujac Garden had Galas!
  • Full Hand Farm had Salsa Verde Kits – little boxes with onions, peppers, garlic, tomatillos, and a recipe!
  • Lick Ice Cream had a new Tequila Lime Zest ice cream!
  • Harvest Moon Flower Farm had tuberoses, cox combs, zinnias, and sunflowers!