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brva bagIt’s the first week of a new month! That means that Red Frazier Bison will be with us this Saturday. Wild Alaska Salmon will be coming the 2nd Saturday this month, so 4 Birds Bakery is with us again this week. Revival Food Co. (formerly Pure & Good Foods) and Three Carrots will join us as well. President-elect Kent Springer from the BRVA will be at the information booth.

  • Artisano’s Oils & Spices is introducing a new sunflower oil! Stop by their booth to taste and learn more.
  • Wild’s Apple Farm is expanding to two spaces this week — more produce!
  • The BRVA is back this week in the BRFM Information booth with their insulated shopping bags!

Brotgarten, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, and Natural Born Juicers are all out this week. Me and Dippy McGee is changing to a 2/4 schedule for August and September. Pastries Chefs, Dickinson Custom Woodworking, Sophia Organics, and BRMHS Football have all moved to different locations from last week. As always, check the map and vendor list (see the menu bar above) to see which vendors will be with us and where they will be located.