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Memorial Day weekend is behind us and the summer has truly begun! Some regular vendors are out, some are back, and we have a new one starting. Life is good!

  • Red Frazier BisonBrand new vendor, Red Frazier Bison is starting this Saturday and will be with us once a month through the season. Those of you who were missing Circle L, take note! They will have steaks, burger, roasts, briskets, ribs, and more!
  • Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood will join us (the first Saturday of each month) with their wild-caught sustainable salmon — great for the grill!
  • The BRVA will have their own booth this week with ducks (for the big Duck Race on the Canal) for sale, as well as shopping bags and other BRVA items.
  • Being the first week of the month, Three Carrots and Walking Waffle Co. are going to be with us.

Caprini Creamery Farmstead Goat Cheese will be out this week for their daughter’s graduation. (Congratulations Jessica!) Home Ec will take their spot for this week. Hole Pottery is back after being out last week. As always, check the map and vendor list (see the menu bar above) to see which vendors will be with us this week and where they will be located.