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shamrock japanes black trifeleWe heard some questions from customers last Saturday looking for Incredible Edibles to purchase their heirloom tomato plants. I.E. will not be at the Market this year, but we have many other vendors with tomato plants in a wide variety of heirlooms and others.

For example, Wild’s Apple Farm had 59 different varieties of tomato plants with almost all of them being heirlooms. That’s quite a variety to choose from! Shamrock Farm also had many varieties of tomato plants last week. Silverthorn Farm and Bloomer’s Greenhouse also had tomato plants for sale.

Daily Blossom will be back on May 16 with 9 different varieties of tomato seedlings — most of them heirlooms. And when he arrives at the Market in early June, Norman Mullett will offer heirloom tomato seeds for those of you who want to start from scratch.

As you stroll through the Market, keep an eye out for tomato plants. Other vendors may have them in addition to the ones I have mentioned here. And ask the vendors to tell you about their varieties. They have a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to tell you about them.