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My inbox has been flooded lately with holiday gift ideas sent by everyone from Amazon to Zulilly. It occurred to me as I was batch-deleting 3/4 of them that it might be fun to provide our readers with gift ideas on a farmers market theme. I hope you enjoy perusing them as much as I did searching them out.

For the Reader: Eating Well In Season by Janine Price and the Editor’s of Eating Well; Cooking from the Farmers’ Market by Williams Sonoma; Fresh from the Farmers’ Market by Janet Fletcher; The Farmer’s Market Seasonal Cookbook: Cooking Fresh Food Fast While Eating Local and Staying Green by Karen Pettine; all available from

gifts-for-readersFor the Family: 2015 16-month Farmer’s Market calendar; Farmer’s Market – Jazz CD from Art Farmer; Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market canvas tote; The Farmers Market cooperative board game; all available from

gifts-for-the-familyFor the Kids: We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market board book; Shop ‘N’ Play Farmers’ Market; ABC Farmers’ Market flash cards; Farmers Market play food; all available from

gifts-for-kidsFor You: Forever stamps from the US Postal Service, available at any post office. Aren’t they fun? And you can pick up your holiday stamps at the same time!