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9.27 harvestland rainbow carrotsJust a reminder — even though some local farmers markets are done for the season, and others will be done by the end of October, we will be open all the way through the Saturday (November 22nd) before Thanksgiving. A few of our vendors are out for the season, but many more are still going strong and we may have a few new vendors pop up for a trial run over the next two months.

Fall brings many wonderful things to the Market like pumpkins, winter squash, cruciferous and root vegetables, apples and pears. Peppers, tomatoes, raspberries, plums, greens, and herbs are still available too! Our bakeries have artisan breads and pastries, some gluten-free. There are soups, syrups, eggs, meat, loose tea, coffee, and lots of ready-to-eat and prepared foods too. We’re not done yet!