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  • Pete’s Peaches was back with – what else – peaches!
  • Carmen sweet and Bulgarian hot peppers, purple okra, rolled oats at Silverthorn
  • Yeager Farms had Chu Chu eggplant, Malabar spinach, and Gongurr red sorrel
  • Sweet potatoes, Chiogga beets, and Red Heart plums at Earthly Delights
  • Valentine Hill Farm had table grapes, fresh cilantro, and spelt pizza crusts
  • White corn, oriental eggplant, and potted hibiscus plants at Fields Farm Fresh
  • Norman Mullet had acorn squash and really pretty leaf lettuce and cantaloupes
  • Chiogga and Cylindra beets, dandelion greens, green onions at Harvestland Farm
  • Compean & Sons had Yellow Doll watermelons, lima beans, and assorted eggplant
  • Polly Eades & Early Blaze apples, Flaming Fury & Contender peaches at Lee’s
  • Wild’s Apple Farm had Williams Pride apples, plums, broccoli, and fennel
  • Red Tree, Pristine, and Zestar apples, and blackberries at Apple Works
  • Bloomer’s Greenhouse had Rose Finn, La Ratte, and Blossom fingerling potatoes
  • Canning tomatoes, and Sarah’s Choice cantaloupes at Funny Bone Farm
  • Anna Belle’s had tiny tomatillos, baby turnips, pears, blackberries and melons
  • Brand new Haymaids baby Swiss cheese at Tulip Tree Creamery
  • ARPO had an abundance of adoptable kittens and cats