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  • Indiana Microgreens had Solstice mix (cress, broccoli, mustard) & baby lettuces
  • Claytonia Bloomy Rind at Caprini Creamery Farmstead Goat Cheese
  • Amazing Chips had carmel corn with Spanish peanuts
  • Cherries at Compean & Sons, Anna Belle’s Garden, and Earthly Delights
  • Lick Ice Cream had their Roasted Sweet Corn flavor back
  • Chinese cucumbers at Funny Bone Farm and oriental lilies at Blue Moon Farm
  • Anna Belle’s Garden had peaches and cream variety sweet corn
  • Lavender bunches, fennel bulbs, and succulent plants at Harvest Moon Flowers
  • Humboldt County Tea had strawberry rhubarb tea and organic mango white tea
  • Rosemary olive jalapeno cheddar bread at Scholars Inn Bakehouse
  • The Daily Blossom had beautiful Bell’s of Ireland and gladiolas
  • Whole wheat Thai basil pasta was back at Valentine Hill Farm
  • Natural Born Juicers had Thai coconut cacao (awesome!)
  • Smoking Goose bacon pizza at Byrne’s Grilled Pizza