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  • Nujac Garden joined us for the first time this season with shelling peas
  • Corn at My Dad’s Sweet Corn, Fields Farm Fresh, Whipker, and Apple Works
  • Circle City Sweets had their first batch of Corn Chowder with corn from My Dad’s
  • Canteloupe melons at Apple Works and at Felds Farm Fresh
  • Silverthorn Farm had butterhead lettuce, shishito  peppers and yellow fillet beans
  • Radicchio, shelling peas and gooseberries (just a few) at Wild’s Apple Farm
  • Yeager Farm had bags of Malabar spinach (not the plants, the leaves!)
  • New blueberry buttermilk popsicles at Nicey Treat (buttermilk from Tulip Tree)
  • Harvestland Farm had napa cabbage and cilantro
  • Cilantro also at Anna Belle’s along with rutabagas, maitakes, and yellow wax beans
  • Harvest Moon Flower Farm and Bloomer’s Greenhouse  had potted lilies
  • Lots of peppers, zucchini, eggplants, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, blueberries and sunflowers everywhere!